A poem made by searching for "can always" in my programming notes

I was trying to find something I wrote by searching for a phrase I remember using, and I found that I use “you can always” a lot. This is poem written by searching my programming notes for “can always.”

I can always do it later.
You can always ignore new fields or old fields in your code.
But you can always tell where you are, so you can walk to somewhere else.
But you can always fix things, and clean things up.
You can always come back to it.
You can always go back to the world as it was by time-traveling versions of the document.
You can always add features, but it’s hard to take them away.
We can always add them.
You can always redo it.
I can always write something in Rust if we need that performance.
You can always refactor.
To start with, we could not allow it, but we can always add it later; we can’t take it away.
We could always make it nullable.
You can always build a better version later, as long as the code is clean.
I can always do it later.
We can always do it later.
You can always walk back down the tree.
You can always walk back up the tree, for that matter.
You can always pull the rip cord.